Day-to-day Person Supports

National Ability Care works alongside clients supervising / mentoring them in developing their independent and self-care living skills required to function in day to day life. We provide services that help improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities by offering structured And socially based activities. Meaningful activity and Social connectedness are important factors that can contribute to people's recovery, our individual plans (for both adults and children) assist in Completing daily activities that are relevant to specific individual needs and Support requirements.

We can assist clients assisting with:

  • Developing and implementing programs to support clients to develop skills and abilities.
  • Facilitating outings and other social activities.
  • Performing household tasks such as menu planning,cooking and serving meals, cleaning, shopping, and so on.
  • Providing companionship and Support during daily activities.
  • Helping people with a disability to maintain contact with their family, friends, and advocates.
  • Helping people with a disability to develop and maintain independence and safety in personal care, health care and hygiene